Monday, February 27, 2006

Bassists Ascendant!

Gentle readers who followed the SWINDish exhortation to listen to "Around Cincinnati" last night got a special treat when the CSO double bass quartet were interviewed and performed. The quartet played with energy, lyricism, and impressive ensemble. Clearly these guys have been listening to each other and working together for the sake of the music for a long time.

Even more impressive was their interview, which was characterized by wit, grace and self-depreciation. Friend of SWNID Wayne Anderson was the most outstanding in these conversational virtues, of course (Interviewer: Does this piece get performed often? Anderson: Not after people look at the music!), but the others were close behind.

And after listening to the rest of the program, what with an interview of a poet who versifies by cutting phrases out of magazines and reassembling them, this segment was an oasis in a desert of public radio cliches.

Who would think that an orchestra's bass section would be the source of so much coolness?

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