Monday, February 20, 2006

To Be Checked Out Before Tonight's Episode, Or After

We thank Son of SWNID for directing us to the immortal (and currently on sabbatical) Dave Barry's blog on 24. Dave has been reacting to each episode, including updates on actions moment by moment.

One snippet: he refers to President Logan as "President Manilow." We apologize to Mrs. SWNID for finding this amusing.

Can there be a more sublime combination of disparate pop cultural elements than Dave Barry blogging 24?


Confused but passionate said...

Perhaps SWNID shall join me in mourning concerning the untimely death of Richard Bright. Richard Bright had the blessed role of Al Neri in all three Godfather movies. Life shall go on but there will always be a void.

JB in CA said...

Barry says the plots have been slow this season. Apparently he's never driven through L.A. in less than twenty minutes. I have no clue how Bauer manages that. What a man.