Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Larry Summers Takes a Hint

Having served for most of our adult life at the "Harvard of East Price Hill," SWNID has a passing interest in developments at the "Harvard of Cambridge, Massachusetts." That Harvard's embattled president, former Secretary of the US Treasury Larry Summers, has resigned.

Check out Alan Dershowitz's Boston Globe op-ed interpreting Summers's move. A noted Harvard law professor, Dershowitz is no conservative, but he is frank about Summers having been forced out by a plurality of one faculty of Harvard's many having cast a vote of no confidence in their president. Their reason, per Dershowitz and most other external observers, was their objection to Summers's expression of opinions at odds with the hard left.

Whenever we feel sorry for ourselves for the difficulties of teaching and administration at Cincinnati Christian University (motto: "100% of faculty, staff and students are certified sinners"), we think of this lesser-known institution near Boston and thank God that we have our little set of problems and not theirs.

We quote Professor Dershowitz's conclusion, offering a prognostication and a challenge about his university:

Now that this plurality of one faculty has succeeded in ousting the president, the most radical elements of Harvard will be emboldened to seek to mold all of Harvard in its image. If they succeed, Harvard will become a less diverse and less interesting institution of learning governed by political-correctness cops of the hard left. This is what happened in many European universities after the violent student protests of the late 1960s. It should not be allowed to happen at Harvard in the wake of the coup d'etat engineered by some in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

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