Monday, February 13, 2006

Fitting Tribute to Film's Greatest Comedian

Ask SWNID what is his favorite comedic movie and we will respond with a film made in 1926: The General, created by the greatest movie funnyman, Buster Keaton.

London's National Film Theater is running a festival of Keaton films through February and March, which is almost worth the price of a round trip ticket. But if like us you don't have the discretionary scratch, read Mark Steyn's Keaton encomium. Then go to the public library and borrow some Keaton films to see what you've been missing with the sound turned up.


JB in CA said...

A few years ago, my family and I had the opportunity to see a remastered version of The General with some friends, Jeff Beal and his family. Jeff had just won a national contest for writing an updated score for the movie, and we got to see the finished product in an unfinished room above his garage. I was shocked. My normally hyper kids (at seven and ten years old) were mesmerized for an hour-and-a-half by a silent movie! As were my wife and I. No doubt much of the credit goes to Jeff for his brilliantly conceived score--he's quite talented with that sort of thing, having already won an Emmy for the original theme song to the T.V. show "Monk"--but Buster Keaton is phenominal. The General truly is a classic.

JB in CA said...

Did I say Buster Keaton was phenominal? I'll go one better. I'll say he was phenomenal.