Saturday, February 25, 2006

Don Knotts Dead at 81

SWNID offers his condolences to his many friends who are devoted to the Andy Griffith Show as a second religion, for Don Knotts, creator of the inimitable Barney Fife, has died.

We are not as rabid about Mayberry as some, but we will still insist that Knotts's Fife was the funniest character in the history of television.

Our favorite scene was one where Barney and Andy were sitting on the front porch one evening after dinner, and Barney mentions that he bought his parents a new septic tank for their anniversary. Television seldom allows its actors the subtlety of that comic miniature.

Three's Company, Knotts's later vehicle, had no such subtlety. While it paid Knotts's bills at the time, it is best forgotten now. We pledge not to mention it in this blog again.


joshuamichael said...

Thanks for your nice words to the fans.

Anonymous said...

While Don Knotts played one of the greatest characters ever to grace the television screen, I would still think some honorable mention goes to another recently departed actor, Darren McGavin. While most remember him as the dad on 'The Christmas Story', I will fondly remember him for his work in 'Kolchak: The Night Stalker' t.v. series from the early 70's. The show, though short lived, was long on influence including being a major inspiration for Chris Carter and his show, the X-Files. From what I understand, the abominable recent re-make of Night Stalker was deservedly very short lived. The original Kolchak, as played by McGavin, was a crusty reporter taken seriously by very few, but, in the end, was seldom wrong (sort of like someone else we know).

KevinK said...

As long as we are remembering departed actors, Dennis Weaver of Gunsmoke and McCloud fame also passed away last weekend.

Somehow I don't think the curremt crop of (talentless)stars will be missed all that much when their time comes.

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

You mean that the cast of Friends will not be deeply mourned, that stamps with their images will not be issued, that businesses will not close? I am shocked!

I for one will mourn when Kiefer Sutherland dies, though if life imitates art, that event will never happen.