Monday, February 13, 2006


Today was a sad day for political conservatives in Cincinnati. Salem Broadcasting's lineup of conservative talk shows met its end on 1160 AM WBOB. In its place appeared a tiresome lineup of eclectic oldies songs (a format labeled "10,000 oldies," which sounds like a form of torture that John McCain should investigate), as if this market needed yet another weak AM signal playing bland nostalgia.

It seems that in September 2005 Salem traded its two Cincinnati stations, WBOB and WTSJ, plus $6.7 million, in exchange for a high-powered outlet in Detroit, a much larger market. The new owner of the Cincinnati stations is John Yinger of the Christian Broadcasting System. He likes WTSJ for Christian stuff, but apparently doesn't care much for the distinctiveness of WBOB's format.

The Salem talk format on WBOB featured such luminaries as Bill Bennett, Michael Medved, and Hugh Hewitt. The talk was well informed, civil, thoughtful but still edgy. It was everything that talk radio should be and none of what its opponents caricature it to be.

And now it's gone from this market, unless you've got satellite or are at the computer with streaming audio.

This whole affair reminds us all too much of the sad demise of WNOP. Once the hippest jazz station in any locale, it was sold to Sacred Heart Radio, which now broadcasts Roman Catholic programming on the signal.

Why does this WBOB's death remind us of WNOP's? Because good taste seems to have a short life on Cincinnati's airwaves. Michael Medved is gone, but Jerry Springer will live forever.


Calus The Great said...

Note also that WOXY, Oxford's nationally known independent rock station, was sold about two years ago and converted into a generic commercial rock station, then into a "variety" station. While I only heard WOXY on a few occasions, I can certainly say that the station featured unique programming.

KevinK said...

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 sums up my feelings about the demise of WBOB.

As for WNOP -- 740 AM is now reaching people for The Kingdom and thus is being put to far better use.

Jon A. Alfred E. Michael J. Wile E. SWNID said...

I'll reserve judgment on whether Sacred Heart Radio on WNOP is reaching people for the kingdom. The mariolatry is pretty thick over there.

Calus The Great said...

We should note that "A Love Supreme" is essentially a theistic, if not Christian album.

Mrs SWNID said...

I miss WNOP still, especially Lou Rawls singing the best-ever rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" at close of operation each day. And now I will mourn the availability to hear Michael Medved's witty and super-intelligent comments. Michael Medved is the best Jewish friend (Jesus aside of course) that evangelicals have. And God has given them all, jazz musicians and Michael Medved alike, their gifts, whether they acknowledge His giving of them or not. Though I believe Michael Medved does! And as a Christian, I can certainly acknowledge that God gave those gifts and I'm so thankful. Brandon Marsalis . . . play on!

mamaTrain said...

Dennis Prager was my favorite on WBOB, though the whole line-up was a gold mine of minds. I am missing them all....and truly hope another station picks up the entire format. What a treasure Cincinnati air lost!

kevink said...

Perhaps the low rated Air "America" affialate will see the light.

The mariolatry charge is unsubstantiated and arises from misinformation. The focus of SHR is

MRS SWNID said...

Mrs SWNID says to please amend her comment to read Branford Marsalis. She was having a major brain cramp when she typed that. He is, after all, her favorite instrumentalist.