Monday, February 13, 2006

Gay Actor Says Hollywood Closed to Gays

Ian McKellen, who among other things has been nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings and who is openly gay, is reported to have stated that it is very difficult for openly gay actors to make their way in Hollywood.

SWNID expects that Dennis Rodman will soon remark that it is very hard for African-Americans to make their way in the NBA, especially if they have tattoos, and Wayne Gretzky will claim that the NHL is a tough place for Canadians. Oh, yes, and Sammy Sosa says that Major League Baseball is very closed to Dominicans.

We also hear that politics is very discriminatory towards people with degrees from Harvard and Yale, as reported by George W. Bush, John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy.

We invite gentle readers to note similar remarks as they've heard them--or imagined them.


KevinK said...

Liberal Hollywood is closed to homosexual actors -- someone alert the ACLU.

I wonder if Mr McKellan has seen the film The End of the Spear which features openly homsexual actor(and activist) Chad Allen in the main role. He might be surprised to learn that a CHRISTIAN film cast him because he was the best actor for the role and not for his lifestyle choice, which is as it should be.

RIV said...

I have had heard the following:

Greenpeace is closed to vegetarians.

New York Deli's are keeping out Jewish people.

Labor unions are closed to lazy people. (note, just as not all actors are gay, not all union folks are lazy...probably)

Bryan Dove said...

I heard Condi Rice was rejected by the NAACP (hey, it could happen).