Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Once Again: Hillary and Ds Are Toast, Rudy Is Least-Reported Candidate

A recent Cook Political Report poll shows once again that we are Seldom Wrong. To wit:

  • John McCain and Rudy Giuliani poll evenly among Republicans, each with 30%.
  • McCain trounces Hillary head-to-head with all polled, 47% to 37%. This does not take into account the "likely voter" versus "registered voter" effect that tends to overestimate Democrat support by as much as 10%. N.B. also that Republicans and conservatives indicated overwhelming support for McCain versus the Ice Queen: cons enthusiastically prefer a maverick moderate to to the Great She-Satan.
  • While respondents indicated more inclination to vote for the D over the R for Congress, the vast majority indicated that they would vote for the best candidate for their locale, not the political party.

Salivating as they are over the prospect of taking Congress in '06 and the Big House in '08, the Ds had better get used to cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at Barbara Streisand's as their primary expression of prestige.

Likewise, salivating over the prospect of their anointed candidate John McCain taking the presidency, the MSM had better get used to the idea that Giuliani will overtake their boy in the primaries, beating McCain up with their comparative records on anti-terrorism.

Likewise, salivating over the retributive justice of forcing the former Philanderer-in-Chief to bake cookies and attend conferences boosting adult literacy as First Husband, Hillary should wake up to the reality that her much-expected but never tested campaigning ability will be powerless, if it exists, to overcome this enormous deficit . But will the person responsible for the following, as reported in the Guardian (motto: "Hoping for the resurrection of Neil Kinnock") actually listen to such reason?

Senator Hillary Clinton yesterday accused President Bush's chief political adviser, Karl Rove, of "obsessing" about her after the publication of a book quoting him as saying she would win the Democratic nomination but was too "brittle" to win the presidency in 2008.

We ask the Senator (D-Carpetbagging) who is obsessed with whom (hint: the answer involves a reflexive pronoun).

Update: We repent of the final observation above about political obsession. We are now convinced that it is quite odd that the leading Republican political strategist should give significant attention to the presumptive presidential candidate of the Democrat party. Clearly there must be another explanation: Karl Rove is in love!

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JB in CA said...

I've heard Hillary referred to as a "She-Devil" before, but never as a "She-Satan." You might be on to something here. She is after all an attorney, which, as we all know, is an advocate for one side and, hence, an adversary to the other. And Satan, by definition, is an adversary. What more descriptive and fitting title could one ask for?