Sunday, February 26, 2006

SWNID Prediction Coming True While MSM Prediction Coming False

The MSM continues to note that the MSM's prediction of civil war in Iraq was overblown, vindicating this blogger as Seldom Wrong.

The Financial Times (motto: "Our journalism is so good, we aren't ashamed to print it on pink paper") reports that daytime curfews have been lifted everywhere but Baghdad. National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley is reported to have summarized the situation tidily: "[Iraqi leaders have] stared into the abyss a bit and I think they’ve all concluded that further violence, further tension between the communities is not in their interest."


Meanwhile, Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr continues to make nice with the Sunnis while blaming it all on the Americans, something for which all Americans can be grateful. Al-Sadr realizes that the Americans are withdrawing and sees that his best move to political power is to capitalize on shared anti-occupation feeling while serving to unite religious factions. Tomorrow al-Sadr will lead prayer services at damaged Sunni mosques in a show of that unity. Ironically enough, that's in the best interests of the United States. We want what al-Sadr wants: a reasonably unified Iraq that doesn't have 136,000 American troops in it.

The pacification is so clear that even Reuters, they who put quotation marks around the word "terrorist," are forced to write, "pleas for unity and a third day of curfew in the city seemed to dampen sectarian violence that has pitched Iraq toward civil war."

Iraq has not been restored to Edenic bliss by the American-British invasion. But on its worst day, it's a sight better than it was under that crazy guy who keeps shouting silly stuff at his trial.

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