Monday, February 13, 2006

The Predictable Jokes Begin

Scripps-Howard News Service is chronicling the predictable barrage of jokes and cheap shots aimed at Dick Cheney after his unfortunate hunting accident (all possible puns in this sentence were intended, BTW).

In light of this development, we add this question and answer so that we're the first (of which we know) to ask it and to remind the world of what it already knows all too well. We also attempt to remain family friendly, though the subject matter strains anyone's ability to do so:

Q: What is the difference between being accidentally hit by a Cheney misfire and being accidentally hit by a Clinton misfire?

A: A Cheney misfire leaves you with a night in the hospital. A Clinton misfire leaves you with an embarrassing trip to the dry cleaner, should you choose to make it.

UPDATE: The NY Times is running this on the shooting incident as joke fodder. Follow the link for nice renderings from Leno and Stewart.


JB in CA said...

Here are a couple circulating out here: "Cheney bags lawyer" and "The Vice President steps up war against lawyers."

Rustypants said...

the washington post has a summary of some of late night talkshow jokes.