Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Inner Core of Awfulness" in Carter's Endangered Values

Gentle readers have no doubt noted SWNID's contempt for the sourly sanctimonious Jimmy Carter, forcibly retired President, inactive Habitat for Humanity volunteer, celebrity Sunday School teacher and national busybody. Today we note that such contempt is recently expressed in a rather late but rather delicious review of Carter's recent book Our Endangered Values (N.B. that the title apparently expresses the royal "we," as it is unclear whether anyone shares Carter's values) by National Review Online's John Derbyshire. Derbyshire's characterization of Carter is fair, as evinced by his concession that Carter governed in difficult times, and correct, evinced by his complete agreement with SWNID.

We urge gentle readers to follow the link, offering the following quotation as an appetizer:

Yet still, with all allowances made and all excuses listed, there is an inner core of awfulness to Jimmy Carter. Our Endangered Values--it is his 20th book--makes this clear.


Assistant Village Idiot said...
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Assistant Village Idiot said...

I disliked how the link looked. Sorry.

I just posted on a similar item, the growing liberalism of Habitat For Humanity over at

PJ O'Rourke does a wonderful trashing of an earlier Carter book, focusing on his vacuity instead of his self-righteousness. It's a tough call which is worse, I admit.