Thursday, February 23, 2006

Celebrating the Return of Python

Gentle readers who joined SWNID in watching the PBS retrospectives on Eric Idle and Graham Chapman of Monty Python's Flying Circus are no doubt still as blissful as we are at this moment. In our bliss we offer the following Pythonesque observations:
  • The interviews reveal that those guys are really old now. Except for Chapman, of course, who tragically drank and debauched his way to an early death.
  • We nominate Eric Idle's best moment as the panel show/quiz show host asking the great figures of Communism questions about English football history.
  • We nominate Graham Chapman's best moment as the exchange between Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion about the penguin on the telly.
And of course we invite further reflections from our gentle readers.


Rustypants said...

please get your history correct: chapman smoked his way to a cancerous death.

the programs were quite nice - in more than one sense, it's all been done before (buy the complete DVD set with the two extra DVD's of special shows where they've picked favorites, been interviewed, etc.) so we can't really say it's now completely different - nonetheless, any excuse to spend time watching the boys at it again is worth it.

cleese looked and sounded a bit ill, didn't he?

Rustypants said...

i forgot to mention last week when this was posted that this is my vote for best graham chapman sketch. it didn't make the cut into the show (an oversight, i'm sure) but it's got to be in the top ten.