Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Vote to Give Free Wedding to Former Student of SWNID

Once again we enlist our gentle readers to push someone over the top in a media-promotional contest.

CCU alumna and respected former SWNID student Chastidy Hahn, with her betrothed Matthew Ronan, is a finalist in Cincinnati's Q102 contest to receive away a free wedding with all the trimmings. We urge all gentle readers to vote for her multiple times.

And this is no mere personal-connection deal. Chastidy has the most remarkable and tragic of circumstances. While Chastidy was still a college student, her mother was brutally murdered. I can't imagine someone for whom a gesture like this one, even if it comes from a commercial radio station, is more fitting.

Follow this link to the web site. Cast multiple votes by using multiple computers. As we blog, Chastidy and Matthew are in second place. You will make them first!

Update: Chastidy and Matthew have fallen into third place. Wake up, world! Get busy, gentle readers! All that is good and right is at stake in this election! Get out the vote! This is not a drill ... repeat ... this is not a drill!

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